Aerial Rescue

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Curriculum Breakdown – 8 Hours
The course composition has been designed to provide attendees with theoretical knowledge and practical training necessary to assist in or conduct climbing and aerial lift rescue, and emergency response in accordance with Industry standards.

Attendees should be experienced and proficient in spur climbing, spur-less climbing, aerial lift operations, and first aid.



∎ Group icebreaker exercise

∎ Rules of Training

∎ Safety (building)

∎ Introduction to Course Outline


∎ Why Rescue?

∎ Situational Readiness / Emergency Preparedness

∎ First Aid and Casualty Care / Rescue Simulation

Practice and Evaluation

∎ Aerial Lift Ground Rescue

∎ Aerial Lift Rescue

∎ Aerial Lift Operator Extrication

∎ Aerial Lift Operator Evacuation

∎ Spur/Lanyard Rescue

∎ Pick-off Climbing Rescue


Cost: $325.00 per person


Note: Attendees are required to bring their own personal protective equipment, their regularly used tree climbing gear.