Basic Pruning


Curriculum Breakdown – 8 Hours

The course composition has been designed to provide attendees with theoretical knowledge necessary to properly execute the desired pruning objectives, and the practical training which is necessary to safely and efficiently perform pruning to the accepted industry standards .


Elements of Pruning

∎ Biology and physiology           ∎ Species identification

∎ Pruning objectives                   ∎ Visual tree assessment

∎ Tool inspection, selection and safe working procedures


Biology and Physiology

∎ Natural target pruning            ∎ Branch collar

∎ Branch bark ridge

∎ Compartmentalization of decay in trees (CODIT)


Species Identification

∎ Nomenclature                           ∎ Plant tolerance

∎ Plant parts                                 ∎ Growth habits


Visual Tree Assessment

∎ Roots and collar                       ∎ Trunk

∎ Scaffolds                                    ∎ Twigs

∎ Leaves


Young Tree Training

∎ Objectives                                  ∎ Pruning for future form and function

∎ Tree structure                           ∎  Cycle of Young Tree Training


Pruning objectives

∎ Containment                             ∎ Cleaning

∎ Reduction                                  ∎ Rejuvenation

∎ Thinning


Tool selection, inspection, and safe work procedures


Group Exercises

∎ Visual Tree Assessment

∎ Young Tree Training

∎ Pruning objectives


Cost: $150.00 per person