ISA Certification Prep


Training Breakdown – 16 Weeks – 2.5 Hours/Session

The course composition consists of (16) 2.5 hour sessions once per week for sixteen weeks. Thursday sessions are 6:30pm-9:00pm. The course is designed to provide attendees with theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge presented in the Arborists Certification Study Guide to assist in preparing for the ISA certification examination for arborists or tree workers.


∎ It is recommended for attendees to review the ISA Certification Study Guide prior to attending the course.

Session 1                                                           Session 9
∎ Tree Biology                                                      ∎ Tree Support and Lightning Protection

Session 2                                                           Session 10
∎ Tree Identification                                           ∎ Diagnosis and Disorder

Session 3                                                           Session 11
∎ Soil Science                                                        Plant Health Care

Session 4                                                           Session 12
∎ Water Management                                         ∎ Tree Assessment and Risk Management

Session 5                                                           Session 13
∎ Tree Nutrition and Fertilization                    ∎ Trees and Construction

Session 6                                                           Session 14
Tree Selection                                                    ∎ Urban Forestry

Session 7                                                           Session 15
∎ Installation and Establishment                     ∎ Tree Worker Safety

Session 8                                                           Session 16
∎ Pruning                                                               ∎ Climbing and Working in Trees

Each Session will consist of  lecture, readings, practical application of materials, discussion, and quizzing.


Cost: $500.00 per person



Note: The cost of the course does not include the Study Guide or the Cost of the Exam. BC Plant Health Care Inc. does not warrant that a participant will pass all or part of the ISA certification exams.