Deep Root Injection and Aeration


We don’t just inject our fertilizer, we assess your soil and provide you with the best soil amendment solution customized to your individual plant health care needs. It can range from 100% organic fertilizer to increase microbial activity to root pusher for your newly planted trees.

Our injection method helps distribute the soil amendments throughout the (trees, plants, shrubs) critical root zones. The probe is applied roughly every 2-3 feet and with the aid of 200 psi the product(s) are distributed in 4 different directions, thus loosening compacted soil which also provides more oxygen to the root zone.

Please feel free to contact our Plant Health Care Specialist for more information.


Our special blend of slow release fertilizer may be used for all your trees, shrubs and even indoor plant needs.  The application rate can be varied to provide available nutrients up to two years in time and injected into the soil at any time of the year.  It is a non-burning, environmentally safe fertilizer which provides improved resistance to insect and disease attack, increased vigor, tolerance to drought, minimized surface roots and above all, adding greater value to your property by reducing costs associated with restoration, removal or replacement.

In addition to using our fertilizer, we also offer the following products:


BioBloom is an organic based fertilizer for flowering, fruit production and root establishment.  If there are concerns about underproductive fruit trees, or shrubs not flowering quite enough, then this may be one of the tools you would consider.  Also beneficial to initiate new root growth.


BioFish (3-1-2) is a 100% organic bio-stimulant for soil.  The additional microbial activity provided by BioFish helps to break down nutrients bound in the soil.  This facilitates their availability for uptake by plant roots.


A natural organic fertilizer/supplement which helps provide microbial activity in poor soils.


Advantages of using Mycorise

  • Increased rooting after transplanting
  • Increased survival
  • Greater tolerance to stresses caused by nutrient deficiency, drought, heat and root diseases
  • Less plant/tree losses

What are Mycorrhizae?

Mycorise is a Mycorrhizal fungi which forms symbiotic associations with tree roots called mycorrhizae. This natural symbiosis is essential for the development of trees and shrubs. Intensively tilled soils and growing media contain little or no mycorrhizal fungi.  Mycorrhizae is low host specific and encourages plant diversity.  Mycorise not only helps root absorption it also protects plants from pathogens.

Root Conditioner

Root Conditioner is 100% organic liquid compost containing humic acid derivatives for soil/medium amendment.  This is usually recommended where a soil’s structure needs quick improvement.  For example, a site that is high in clay content requires better porosity, or a relatively sandy soil needs better nutrient retention capabilities.  It improves soil structures, nutrient retention, microbial activity and cation exchange capacity.