Soil Compaction/Erosion Control

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We understand environmental sensitive areas. We do the job with the least impact to the area. Not many people realize that tree roots need air to survive! Soil compaction limits the available air, also inhibiting water uptake which can lead to tree death. It’s not just large trucks or equipment that cause the deadly compaction, but a well used footpath can be as hard as concrete. The remedy for soil compaction is radial trenching and vertical mulching. This is an excellent way to uncompact the soil with out endangering roots. Create vertical holes or radial trenches using an air spade or mechanical drill. Then fill the holes with a special soil amendments creating a great environment for roots to grow.

Not sure if your soil is compacted? We can test it with our specialized equipment.

When it comes to removing beaver dams or installing erosion control blankets, we know the best approach to take.


Most importantly we get the job done quickly and efficiently – this saves you money and headache.