Chainsaw Operations & Safe Practices



Curriculum Breakdown – 8 Hours 

The course composition has been designed to provide attendees with 4 hours of theoretical knowledge and 4 hours of practical training necessary to safely maintain and operate a chainsaw in accordance with WorkSafe BC standards.

Personal Protective Equipment

∎ What you must and should have to operate a chain saw

Tools and Maintenance

∎ Necessary tools and regular maintenance of the chainsaw

The Chainsaw

∎ Parts                                ∎ Carrying/Walking

∎ Holding                           ∎  Moving with Saw On

∎ Working Position          ∎  Working Zone

Worksite Assessment

∎ What to look for and why

Kick Backs

∎ How it happens             ∎ How to prevent it

Working Site Examples and how to tackle them

∎ Pile of Logs                    ∎ Sloped Terrain

∎ Slashing                         ∎ Uprooted Trees

Log Binds

∎ Top Bind and Bottom Bind

– Smaller Log Cutting Technique

– Larger Log Cutting Technique


∎ Large Logs On Ground

∎ Small Logs On Ground

End Pressure

∎ How to tackle logs on a hillside

Uprooted trees

∎ What should you be aware of

Hung up trees

∎ What to expect

∎ Techniques for the novice


Cost: $255.00 per person


Note: We recommend the attendees bring their own personal protective equipment, their regularly used chainsaws, and a pair of protective chainsaw chaps, if possible.