Green Initiatives

Keeping it Green, One Tree at a Time

  • We practice Integrated Pest Management using 100% environmental friendly products and cultural practices.
  • We drive small, fuel efficient, hybrid, and electric vehicles. We have an employee carpooling program.
  • We volunteer to plant trees and support public educational opportunities any chance we get. We practice recycling; metals, plastics, paper and we compost.
  • We have a live Green Roof.
  • We only use environmentally friendly oil “green plus” in our power tools.
  • We recycle our green waste.
  • We are presently a member of the BC Forest Safety Council and SAFE certified.
  • Our new head office building meets LEED Certified Standards.
  • We use rainwater which we capture in our roof run-off rain catchment system for our plant health care services.
  • We are the first Arboriculture company in BC to own a Hybrid Aerial Lift Truck!
  • We have been accredited as a Climate Smart Business since 2010.