Spring Tips

Spring is when trees and shrubs start to do their thing. Temperatures start to rise, light levels and duration increases, and dormancy is broken. As trees leaf out they begin photosynthesizing and producing food for themselves. Some of this food is converted into wood, while some of it is stored as sugars in the trunk and roots. In fact most of the food and growth that will occur throughout the entire year occurs in this early two month period.

At the same time tree roots are actively seeking out moisture and the nutrients they need to manufacture chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the chemical used to convert sunlight into food and wood.

To help with this, we can Deep Root Fertilize and Aerate your soil to give your trees and shrubs the healthy nutrients they need to get them through the hot summer months and also to ensure health and vigor and to help resist pest attacks! Happy trees mean less costly maintenance in the future. Check under our services for more information on this.

Not only are trees ramping up in the Spring but so are some of their pests – Insects and Fungi! Trees during the Spring are full of nutrients, and are therefore vulnerable to all kinds of pests. As the season progresses they tend to become less palatable by producing noxious chemicals in their leaves, but until then they often need some help. Now is the time to have one of our technicians visit your property before the damage is done. Bruce Spanworm is a prime example. Spanworm is a short green caterpillar that feed on the leaves of many of our deciduous trees and cause the bulk of their damage right at bud break. These caterpillars are identified by the “shot hole” pattern they create in the leaves they have fed upon and are observable on the underside of leaves.

If you’ve been considering planting, now is the optimum time! It will minimize plant stress from the initial shock of transplantation and give the plant more time to adjust to its new environment before the hotter temperatures appear.