Summer Tips


During the hot summer months, it’s important to remember to provide deep root watering in order to keep your trees/hedges healthy and happy. A long soaking of water infrequently is better than frequent light watering.

A good rule to follow:

Newly planted trees should be watered twice per week.  They should be watered such that they receive five gallons (22 liters) of water per inch of trunk diameter (2.5cm). This watering should occur for the first two summers after planting and thereafter as required. Typical symptoms of drought stress are early leaf drop in the upper canopy.

Mature trees should be watered during portions of prolonged drought.  They should receive enough water such that the top 12″ (30cm) of soil located within the dripline of the tree is saturated.
Water once every 2-4 weeks.

Or have our professionals come out and do it for you.

Pest Management

Are you seeing holes in your tree’s leaves? Now is the season for those feeding insects to be leaving telltale signs. Maybe there are weevils on your rhododendrons or tent caterpillars in your birch tree. Have one of our Arborists inspect your site.


It’s important not to forget to fertilize your annual plants so that they can provide nice blooms throughout the season.


Now that the new spring growth is over, it’s easier to notice those dead or broken branches in your trees. We’d be happy to come over and crown clean them for you. Crown Cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, interfering and weakly attached branches in the tree’s crown in order to enhance the tree’s health.


Have you been getting blisters on your hands from trying to get rid of that nasty stump in your yard? Our stump grinders can fit through a standard fence gate and can remove your stump with ease and efficiency. Give your hands a rest and let us do the job for you!