Winter Tips

Time to tie up your fragile plants and shrubs to minimize snow damage.  When snow arrives in large amounts, don’t be afraid to shake it off your plants and hedges avoiding a build-up which could lead to branch failures.

Minimize usage of those nasty pesticides and take advantage of Dormant Spraying. Dormant spraying refers to spraying during the season of the year when deciduous trees and shrubs are leafless, and buds are in the overwintering, dormant condition. Materials applied as dormant sprays include horticulturals oils (dormant oil) and lime sulphur. Horticultural oils mix with water to form a milky emulsion. After the water evaporates, a thin layer of oil is left on the tree. Any overwintering stages of insects such as eggs or pupae, when sprayed with dormant oil, will suffocate. Some examples of these insects are scales, mites, aphids and eggs of moths, such as leafrollers. When lime sulphur is included in the dormant spray, some overwintering stages of plant disease will be reduced as well.