Animal Rescue & Additional Services

Animal Rescue, Golf Net Repair, Installing or Removing Christmas Lights or Banners

Other Services we offer…

Animal Rescue

Every so often we get a call from an anxious pet owner wondering if we could help rescue their special pet out of a tree. We are an animal loving company and have plenty of practice with just that. Don’t hesitate to call on us if you need a calm, expert climber to carefully bring your pet down to safety.

Golf Net Installation or Repair

We’d be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote to repair your net or string up a new one!

Lights or Banner Installation/Removal

Need help stringing up those lights or have a banner to hang for an upcoming event? We can be available on short notice to take care of your needs.

Please call and talk to one of our Arborists.

We will be happy to pry them away from their books.

Did you also know that all of our Arborists have to become competent Climbing Arborists before they can start the process of becoming a consulting Arborist? We believe this is critically important as it gives our consultants a respect and familiarity with trees that you cannot otherwise get and it helps them with developing practical, “real life” solutions.

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