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Soil Compaction/Erosion Control

Soil Compaction

At BC Plant Health Care, we can choose the best type of erosion control for you taking into account factors such as slope, usage, soil and erosion type.  Your erosion control plan will be customized to suit you and your project.  We use environmentally friendly practices such as the traditional biodegradable erosion control blankets and also the newer practice of using live walls and staking systems.  These live systems are built using native specimens and will soon take root holding the hillside in place while also growing and creating a natural landscape on your hill.  Live systems are a great tool as they mimic natural succession in the environment and eventually species other than the original plantings will appear and thrive.

We also build drainage systems, our team can create a custom drainage system that will look at all aspects and issues of the situation.  Depending on the environment, we can look at using live drain systems, using native specimens which will direct the water and also grow to form shrubs adding a natural aspect to your landscape, or we can build you a drainage system using standard drainage products.

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Did you also know that all of our Arborists have to become competent Climbing Arborists before they can start the process of becoming a Consulting Arborist? We believe this is critically important as it gives our consultants a respect and familiarity with trees that you cannot otherwise get and it helps them with developing practical, “real life” solutions.

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