Integrated Pest Management

We practice Integrated Pest Management. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a common sense approach to pest control.

Integrated Pest Management consists of:
  • Identifying the pest
  • Determining when damage is sufficient to warrant control
  • Identifying and using the least environmentally harmful control method
  • Going back and checking up on effectiveness
  • Promoting healthy ecosystems where human intervention is not required

Please call and talk to one of our Pest Management Specialists.

The days of simply going out and spraying your trees to get rid of the “bugs” are gone. The public has little tolerance for this anymore and government is becoming increasingly concerned about the inappropriate use of pesticides. At BC Plant Health Care we feel the same way. We practice IPM because it works. However, it means a significant amount of monitoring and education. We are ready, able and willing. You should expect to see technicians rooting through your garden and climbing your trees looking for pests!

We provide services to commercial properties, municipalities and homeowners too, using our state of the art pest management equipment, able to handle all your plant health care needs, including reaching your 90 foot tall trees!

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