Utility Tree Work

Utility Arborist

A Utility Arborist is a person who undertakes any work required to prune or clear vegetation in proximity* to energized electrical equipment, structures, and conductors, or who in the course of utility line clearing operations, prunes, falls or removes trees which could come into contact with energized power lines.

Trees do not always grow in the best locations. A lot of the work we do is on trees located close to energized power lines. We staff qualified Utility Arborists, who are trained and experienced working around these types of trees.

Please call and talk to one of our Arborists.

We will be happy to pry them away from their books.

Did you also know that all of our Arborists have to become competent Climbing Arborists before they can start the process of becoming a Consulting Arborist? We believe this is critically important as it gives our consultants a respect and familiarity with trees that you cannot otherwise get and it helps them with developing practical, “real life” solutions.

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